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What Does A Search Engine Optimization Consultant Do?

On December 14, 2012

(For the new and/or clueless…)

A search engine optimization consultant knows, first and foremost, what all this fuss is about online marketing. To the laymen it appears a tangled and confusing web (world wide web, yes, pun intended) of Generation Y terminology. But the knowledgeable SEO copywriter is able to turn that jargon into an increased level of monthly traffic to your company website. The ultimate vehicle for achieving this is to get a high ranking on the SERPs (search engine results pages) from popular engines like Google and Yahoo!.

There was a time when keyword placement was the key ingredient to SEO success. However, this feat (getting the client more traffic and, thus, more sales) is now accomplished through numerous other mediums, all of which now fall under the SEO umbrella.

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A Search Engine Optimization Consultant Analyzes Things

Web analytics is how an SEO expert assesses the performance of a website in online marketing. Google Analytics is one of the most popular, colloquial tools, (and happens to be free) but there are others out there, like SEOMoz (which costs money). An initial analysis shows the consultant where your site stands and helps the site to grow by continually monitoring these analytics, so they know which campaign tactics are working and which aren’t. Web analytics can show traffic based on the day of the week, the time of day, audience demographics (male, female, age, location), keyword popularity, inbound links, click-through’s, and so on.

Analytics are also incredibly important with the Google algorithm updates. If your website takes a sudden hit or gets a boost in light of a little Panda revamp, web analytics will show your SEO expert exactly why, when, where, and how.

A Search Engine Optimization Consultant Creates High-Quality Content

In an SEO venture, you’ll often see the phrase “Content is King.” This means that creating legible, reader-friendly content wins in the end over all the tricks of the trade. Especially black hat tricks. Valuable, interesting, entertaining content is what earns valuable shares and likes in the social media world. Once the site analysis has been addressed, your copywriting consultant will know which keywords to emphasize. He or she will commence plugging these words into your well-crafted site content, blogs, press releases, articles, etc at a specific word count percentage that rates not too much and not too little. If your content is packed with so many keywords that it’s incomprehensible, Google will penalize it as spam. If it has too few, Google might overlook it.

A Search Engine Optimization Consultant Plugs All The Nooks and Crannies

Your SEO copywriter knows that the keyword or phrase must also appear in other specific areas besides just the content—and with the right placement—to maximize online marketing efforts. For example, a keyword should appear in the title of an article or blog—and ideally at the beginning of the title, with no “stop” words in front of it. (Stop words are words like “the” or “a” or “and”). This also includes headers, alt tags, outbound links, anchor text, and much more to help get your page ranked.

A Search Engine Optimization Consultant Builds Links

Link building has grown as a large part of SEO strategy. A hired SEO expert will know how to earn valuable inbound links (since you could get penalized by a bunch of crappy inbound links) to your website. The more valuable the source, the better the search engine spiders rate the link and, in turn, your content. Online marketing firms typically build links by guest blogging, article writing, press release writing, trackbacks, pingbacks, and good old-fashioned high-quality content that people find valuable enough to link their own readers to.

A Search Engine Optimization Consultant Grows Your Website

…Or instills in you the importance of this practice, in case a time comes when you decide to attempt your own SEO. Ever-developing and expanding your website with excellent content and first-rate links will grow it into a veritable information source in the eyes of Google. And that is the ultimate goal of all search engines—to provide web surfers with the most relevant, informative content in response to a keyword query.

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