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Timeless SEO Tips: Algorithms Won’t Change These 4 Rules

On March 24, 2013

There must be a million SEO tips out there. And there must be a million more whose time has come and quickly gone to an algorithm change. Keyword tags and nearly all other metadata rest in a digital graveyard, along with outdated rules about anchor text, certain link building practices, and many other clever ways to lure web traffic to your site.

If you’re getting exhausted wondering what online marketing trends might change next week, or even tomorrow, you’re not alone. The fickle algorithms are a pain in the ass that each and every one of us share. Fortunately, there are a few timeless SEO tips that will be around as long as search engines continue to exist. So tailor your online marketing strategy to focus on the following four rules. Your traffic may not skyrocket, but it won’t take a dramatic dip with every Penguin update. When it comes to long-term results with SEO, slow and steady wins the race.

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1. Best of SEO Practices, Best of SEO Tips: CONTENT

Creating awesome content is one rule that isn’t ever going to go anywhere. This is the very reason search engines exist—to guide people to the information they need. And where does this information exist? In well-written blogs and web pages. Whether it’s a breaking news piece, an informative how-to, or just plain fodder for entertainment, content that provides what the reader is looking for will stand the test of time. So build up your arsenal of quality content as the most important of all timeless SEO tips.

2. Images Are an Asset

Anything that takes the most important thing of all (content) and makes it even better will also stand the test of time. Images are one of these. They are a representation of the surrounding words that add quality and enjoyment for the viewer. Reading a blog becomes a dynamic experience when images are involved. The same goes for videos, infographics, lists, and anything else that simplifies content or makes it more enjoyable.

3. Post Fresh Content Often

The more often your website contributes to the world wide web of information, the more web-surfers and readers you’re able to accommodate. In other words, you reach a wider audience by having a lot of content, because good content is information. And information is the reason that everyone is searching the web. Google will never penalize a site because it is too valuable an information source.

Take note that this excludes spammy, keyword-stuffed, or plagiarized blog posts, which can and will get a site penalized. Refer to number one on this list of SEO tips if there is any confusion.

4. Quality Links Build Long-Term Success

Enough with the link farms. Stop paying for links. Haven’t you learned yet? …Neither you, nor I can outsmart the search engines. Getting piece-of-crap links to point to your site will only spell success for so long. As soon as the search engine spiders sniff out your manipulative link building strategy, they will make you suffer. Your traffic will plummet. All efforts and money spent will have been in vain. And all along you could have been building relationships with other website owners, writing quality articles, and guest blogging on well-ranked sites. Not to mention that as long as your content shines, other site owners would naturally link to you as an information source. Last but not least of the timeless SEO tips, only quality inbound links are worth your effort.

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